Miss Theresa St. Pierre

Fourth Grade

Miss St. Pierre grew up in Goffstown, New Hampshire, in a family of ten children. She graduated magna cum laude from Wyoming Catholic College. During her college breaks, she worked at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center as a residential counselor, assisting children and young adults with disabilities. After graduating, she worked for three years as Lead Teacher at a classical Charter school in Phoenix, Arizona.

Miss St. Pierre loves outdoor adventures! While out West, she learned how to rock climb, white-water kayak, back-country ski, ice-climb, rappel through canyons, and build and camp in a snow cave.

What will you learn?

Students will be immersed in many wonderful things while they are in 4th grade. They will learn about the beliefs and culture of the Catholic Church while studying the sacraments, the lives of the saints, and the Liturgical Calendar. They will develop important mathematical skills such as the use of multiplication, division, fractions and geometry. They will practice thinking deeply and thoroughly about the things they have read, as well as expressing their thoughts clearly in writing. They will learn about the history and geography of the United States and of New Hampshire, and they will increase their knowledge of the world around them by studying animals, geology, and electricity. They will be part of a supportive, faith-filled community, participate in prayer and the sacraments, and grow alongside their peers in friendship and virtue.