Mrs. Judy Connors


Mrs. Connors has taught Kindergarten in Catholic schools for 11 years. She earned her Masters Degree in Elementary Education and her B.S. from Rivier College. Her experience with children includes teaching preschool, directing summer camps, teaching CCD, and private tutoring. Mrs. Connors feels blessed to have found Saint Patrick Academy as it allows her to teach in a faith-filled environment AND achieve her dream of living closer to the Seacoast. She is an actively involved teacher who utilizes many hands-on, differentiated techniques. Mrs. Connors creates a unique learning environment that generates excitement and fosters success for each student!

Mrs. Connors is married with two grown daughters. Her family enjoys camping and going to the beach in all seasons.

What will you learn?

Kindergarten is a place where children come to play, learn, share and feel loved! They will learn to read, write sentences and stories, learn basic math concepts, make predictions and learn about Jesus. Kindergarteners will also dramatize bible stories, taste and graph their favorite apples, hibernate along with their teddy bears, blast off to the moon in a homemade rocket ship, and distinguish the difference between bugs and insects!