Mr. Paul Maskwa

Interim Head of School

Mr. Maskwa has over 40 years of experience in education. Among other duties, he has taught Biology and Physics at the high school level and was a Middle School Principal for 20 years. Mr. Maskwa is a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

"Mr Maskwa is a great teacher because he knows how to get things done and is a very nice man," said Kyle Lawton, a 2017 Saint Patrick graduate.

What will you learn?

The 7th and 8th grade Math program is GO MATH. It is a reality-based program that covers all of the State of NH Standards for those grade levels. It does an excellent job preparing students to be successful in a 9th grade Algebra setting. The Science Program is a Glencoe Educational services that also covers the Science Standards in Life, Physical, and Earth Science areas.

I am a product of a parochial education, graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas HS in 1965. I returned to teach Biology, Physics, and a number of other science courses from 1973-1984. I also served as Athletic Director and Assistant Principal. After 26 years in the public sector and a brief stint as a retiree, I returned to Catholic Education two years ago. The community and climate of St. Pat's convinced me to return. I have found the infusion of a religious experience into the daily routine of school is extremely healthy for students and teachers. The teachings of Jesus manifests itself in the daily work we do. It provides guidance, direction, and a climate that allows for us to do exceptional things here at St. Pats.