Mrs. Dannielle Dwyer

Dean of the Lower School

Mrs. Dwyer has been with Saint Patrick School since 1999. She spent one year teaching junior high before moving to third grade. Mrs. Dwyer graduated cum laude from Salem State University in Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education K-8. She is passionate about her students and helping them to be the best they can be. When former students are asked what they remember most about third grade, the most popular responses are the parties, the sheep play, and Penny/Rosebud coming to school. Mrs. Dwyer is an avid reader and movie watcher. In her free time, she works on home projects and plays with her dogs.

What will you learn?

My classroom each year has a theme. This year I will be celebrating the world of Walt Disney, “If you can DREAM IT, you can do it!“ I will use this quote to engage & motivate students to excel and grow. My goal in third grade is for students to become independent learners that can recognize their strengths and weaknesses. We work on many projects using our writing, reading and creative skills: weather broadcasts, brochures, ecosystem posters, constellation stories, personal timelines, maps, and a biography report (w/ character wax museum) to name just a few.