Mr. PJ Strebel

Athletic Development

Mr. Strebel was born and raised in Newport, NH, where he was always involved in athletics. He played football, basketball, and baseball during the school year, and continued to play sports during the summer months, becoming a 3-sport varsity athlete in high school. This training and discipline helped to shape his mindset for the rest of his adolescent years and into adulthood. Mr. Strebel knows the importance of team dynamics, being a good teammate, and self-discipline.

Mr. Strebel has developed a unique program called Strength by Strebel. He will be piloting this program exclusively with Saint Patrick Academy’s middle school students. Through this strength and conditioning program, Mr. Strebel will teach the basic movement patterns of the human body, and create a foundation of strength training by learning proper form and technique. In addition, there will be a major focus on injury reduction and resiliency. The goal of the class will be for students to create an individualized training program which covers all of the basic human movement patterns.