Mr. Paul Whitmore

Seventh and Eight Grade Humanities

Mr. Whitmore earned his MS degree in Reading and his BS degree in Education from the University of Southern Maine. He has been teaching at the middle school level in New Hampshire for forty years, the last eight as the 7th and 8th Grade English Teacher at The Derryfield School in Manchester.

Mr. Whitmore has also coached middle school soccer and basketball for many years. He is currently coaching high school basketball and tennis. When he is not teaching or coaching, Mr. Whitmore plays competitive tennis throughout New England and enjoys spending time with his wife Karen, his daughter Kristen, his son Greg, and his two grandchildren, Luke and Mia.

What will you learn?

“I want the students in my classroom to read and write daily. My hope is that they will improve their writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills and become lifelong readers and writers. I also hope that they will develop a passion for knowing the history of America as well as the lessons we learned, or should have learned, from events in US history. It is also important for students to see how that same history of America is relevant to them in their daily lives. Most importantly, I look forward to sharing the Faith with my students."