Academic Enrichment

At Saint Patrick Academy, we offer innovation in academic enrichment, bringing incredible local programs and opportunities into the school day. 



Saint Patrick Academy has partnered with New Heights to create an incredible series of classes all focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These classes are designed exclusively for SPA students in Grades 3-8 and include: 

  • Geocaching, Orienteering, Stop Motion Animation, Engineering Challenges, Robotics, Escape Rooms, Rubik’s Cube and Build a Longboard

New Heights brings high quality programs designed to unleash potential and open young minds to new possibilities. Saint Patrick Academy and New Heights are committed to working together to introduce students to new possibilities — revealing new pathways to help them find their true potential, and new opportunities for passion, curiosity, and reflection.

Music & Art & Drama

Saint Patrick Academy puts a premium on the development of the whole person. Music and Art are essential to the growth of our children’s perspective and imagination.  Along with music recitals, weekly piano lessons, the painting of icons, concerts and impromptu art shows, each spring, we have a major drama production.

Through the practice of art and music we continually receive lessons learned from every success or mistake.  The process of looking and listening for beauty, creating with love, and expressing with meaning connects students to the wonders that God has created for them.



SPA Spanish

Saint Patrick Academy has a long history of offering Spanish class for our students. Most of our graduates go on to easily place into Spanish level 2 and are equipped for honors classes in high school. Saint Patrick Academy provides a unique model of learning Spanish through immersion and cultural recognition.


SPA Athletic Development

Mr. PJ Strebel has developed a unique program called Strength by Strebel. He will be offering this program exclusively for Saint Patrick Academy’s students in Grades K-8. Through this strength and conditioning program, Mr. Strebel will teach the basic movement patterns of the human body, and create a foundation of strength training by learning proper form and technique. In addition, there will be a major focus on injury reduction and resiliency.

The goal of the class will be for students to create an individualized training program which covers all of the basic human movement patterns.

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