Curriculum Overview

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The Saint Patrick Academy curriculum is integrated, experiential and value-based. It provides a foundation for the love and pursuit of wisdom.

Preschool through 8th Grade encounter a lively and life-changing curriculum that will prepare them well for future success and happiness.

Language Arts

Saint Patrick Academy believes that a strong foundation in language mechanics and literature provides children with a powerful means of expression. As children move through our curriculum they refine their handwriting, dictionary and organizational skills while their knowledge develops in spelling, vocabulary, composition, and grammar. Through oral activities, students develop speaking and listening skills as well as literary appreciation.

Beginning in 3rd Grade, our focus turns to chapter books. These are read both as a class and independently. Comprehension and interpretation, reference and study skills, and vocabulary development are emphasized at every grade level.

Texts that support Language Arts

  • K–3: Handwriting by Zaner Bloser
  • PreK: Get Set for School
  • K–2: StoryTown includes phonics, spelling, grammar, writing and reading
  • 3-4: Sadlier Grammar Workshop
  • Reading: Chapter books
  • Spelling: Everyday Spelling by Scott Foresman to build writing and vocabulary skills

Grades 5 & 6:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Workshop by Sadlier
  • Chapter books integrated with Social Studies curriculum

Grades 7 & 8:

  • Latin Roots & Stems from Learning Works & Creative Teaching Press
  • Little World Short Story Anthology and Novels
  • Non-fiction Chapter books
  • Creative and informational writing; Grammar integrated into writing


Recently, Saint Patrick Academy updated the math curriculum in all grades to strengthen student experience with mathematical language and conceptual understand through problem based learning.  The enVisions Math curriculum by Scott Foresman was selected for Kindergarten through Grade 6 and Go Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was chosen for Grades 7 and 8. Both programs support students learning through a variety of instructional approaches and include resources for teachers to personalize instruction for students.  Teachers often collaborate to ensure optimal skill growth across levels.  Our curriculum is structured to lead our graduates into honors level math courses in high school.

Texts that support Mathematics

  • Kindergarten – Grade 6: enVisions
  • Grades 7 & 8: Go Math


In an atmosphere of Christian values, Saint Patrick Academy prepares today’s children for tomorrow’s world by encouraging students to: reverence and respect creation, explore the connection between Faith and scientific investigation, and develop a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world in which they live. Through their study of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science, students learn and practice the scientific method by forming questions, designing research approaches, developing hypotheses through observation and laboratory experiences, analyzing and synthesizing data, and finally, evaluating and communicating results.

Texts that support Science

  • Kindergarten – Grade 5: Harcourt Science
  • Grades 5 & 6: Foss Science Kits
  • Grades 6 -8: Glencoe
  • STEM Sequence

Social Studies

The goal of Saint Patrick Academy’s social studies curriculum is to help students understand human relationships within an ever-widening circle. After examining connections with each other and their family, they begin to understand the personal and civic relationships between friends, school, neighborhood, city, state, nation, and the world. Our educators harness children’s natural interest in stories and use the narrative power of history to reveal continuities between the past and the present. In their formal study of US history, students learn about the history of New Hampshire, the development of the United States with special focuses on colonization, independence, expansion, immigration and the Civil War. World history gives students the chance to learn the stories of Ancient empires, Medieval Europe, and the Industrial Revolution.

Texts that support Social Studies

  • Kindergarten – Grade 6: My World
  • Grades 7 & 8: America’s History Books Pt 1 & 2 & various resources (teacher driven) using NH State standards


The Catholic faith is the main focus of our school ministry. Our faculty are committed to living the faith and, through their examples and expectations, they transmit our faith tradition and Gospel values. Teachers stress the importance of Catholic values in everyday life. Learning to live as joyful Catholics is the primary goal of Saint Patrick Academy.

Each week, all students participate in Holy Mass. Older students prepare readings and present the gifts in the Offertory Procession. Students also take part in traditional Catholic devotions throughout the year, including the Stations of the Cross, Advent prayer services, recitation of the Rosary and the May Crowning to honor Our Blessed Mother. Students select organizations and take an active role in special charitable efforts during the seasons of Lent and Advent.

Through our authentic approach to living our faith, our students come to understand religion as the integral part of life that it is. Religion is not treated as a single subject, but is at the very center of our curriculum.

Texts that support Religion