Meet our new Aftercare Director, Rachel Hubby–St. Patrick School Class of 2009!

What’s your favorite St. Pat’s memory?
I went to St. Pat’s for so long, I don’t know if I can think of one particular memory that was the best. They were all so amazing. I guess I can think of a highlight reel of some sort: naps in Kindergarten were amazing and I wished they were available to me when I got to high school. The sheep play in 3rd grade was extremely memorable. I loved cleaning my desk with shaving cream in 3rd and 5th grade. I always went to before care and aftercare which was always entertaining. I think my memories were amazing because of the students and teachers I had, so all the memories are good memories.
Who was your favorite teacher?
Just choosing one favorite teacher is difficult! When I graduated, I kept coming back to visit because I loved all the teachers. I would have to say I came back a lot to visit Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs. Ward, they were always my first stop.
Where did you go after St. Pat’s?
As I said I was always an after school kid. My mom worked at the shipyard and would pick me up at 4:20 on the dot. I loved being able to finish my homework at school and also playing games and hanging out with my friends for just a little extra time. I think it was also what sparked my love for working with kids because I would help out with the little ones when I got into junior high.
After Saint Pat’s, I obtained my associates degree in Elementary Education and then transferred to Rivier University for my bachelor’s degree. I graduated this year with my a degree in Elementary Education and now am officially a certified teacher!
What are your hobbies?
I love hanging out with my family. I often watch the Golden Girls with my Grandmother when I drop in to say hi. I also love going to the movies, anything Disney is my favorite! When I find the time I like to swim and play basketball.
Do you have any pets?
I have a dog named Sophie. She is a Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix. I also have a cat named Scrump. He is black and White and has a smushed face. I am hoping to get a Great Dane in the future.
What’s something you are horribly afraid of?
I used to be terrified of Lady Bugs, but luckily I grew out of that fear. If I had to pick something I think I am scared of puppets, not the hand puppets but marionettes.
What’s your favorite treat? or coffee? or something that a parent could bring you at aftercare for a surprise. 🙂
My favorite treat…. I love cookies: Oreos, chocolate chip, ginger snaps, sugar cookies, you name a cookie and I will most likely say, “Yes, I love those.” I’m not a big coffee drinker, instead I love a nice cup of hot chocolate or warm vanilla chai.