Saint Patrick Academy’s greatest assets are the children and families we serve. We promote their intellectual and spiritual growth through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We empower our children with the tools to become strong Catholics: secure in their faith, secure in their education, and secure in their future.

How can I help? 

To continue to offer quality Catholic education to every student we truly need your help. The main source of income for these funds has been through the support of school families, alumni and those who support Catholic education.

Donate to an existing scholarship

  • Sister Mary Joan Walsh 
  • Kelly Ryan Memorial
  • Donate here

Starting a New Scholarship

Starting a scholarship fund requires a minimum donation of $10,000, though this gift can be made over a number of years. New endowments are a wonderful way to create a memorial or to direct spending toward an area of the school that is of special interest to you.

If you are interested in creating a new scholarship fund at Saint Patrick Academy, please contact our Business Manager.

Another way to help is to fund an existing scholarship. This allows the donor to direct how they would like their gift to be used and also provides for the long-term sustainability of Saint Patrick Academy.