Our Heroic Mission

Saint Patrick Academy is a Catholic school that fosters a love for the good, the true, and the beautiful. Students in preschool through eighth grade receive a truly joyful, and holistic education.

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Rigorous Academic Curriculum

The Saint Patrick Academy curriculum is integrated, experiential and value-based. It provides a foundation for the love and pursuit of wisdom. Preschool through 8th Grade encounter a lively and life-changing curriculum that will prepare them well for future success and happiness.

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Academic Enrichment

At Saint Patrick’s Academy, we offer innovation in academic enrichment, bringing incredible local programs and opportunities into the school day. We bring a range of subject areas – foreign language, athletic development, art, music, STEM, and more – alive by partnering with proven programs offered in the local community.

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An Education in Virtue

We strive to help our students live the Truth of Christ, teaching students to cultivate virtue in their daily lives.  Teachers stress the importance of Christian values and community service, both as living examples and through the curriculum. 

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